Cacti: URL polling

It refers to extracting data from device web interface.

1. Login to the device web interface and choose “code view” in the mouse right click menu in google chrome web browser. You may use any other browser as well, having the same menu option.




We extract the temperature value with “id=361″.


Now we test pull_data.php


pull_data.php returns us 24.8 as temperature value. We compare the value with the one shown in the device web interface to make sure if the returned value is the correct one.


Up to now; we’ ve identified the temperature id, created pull_data.php and running the script have seen that it returns the correct temperature value of the device with the entered ip address. In the same way we can get the temperature of different devices. All we need to do is to change the id value if it is different from ours. Since we are already sure that our scripts returns the correct value, we can go forward and continue with entegrating this device interface with cacti to capture the sensor values periodically and draw graphics.

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