Powershell: Active Directory Logon Errors.

It is important in terms of security to monitor logon events on our servers. We can periodically run this PowerShell script to see if there is any suspecious logon attempt. logonFails.ps1

Powershell: Add new user accounts in Active Directory.

You would like to create bulk Active Directory user accounts; you can modify your csv file according to the below structure and run the PowerShell script. Your user accounts will be created within the respective Organizational Unit. Notice that if you have “Fine Grained Password Policy” you might need to disable it during this process

Powershell: Create active directory domain users

You want to create bulk user accounts according to the list you have. Your csv file should be in the form given below and if there is a “fine grained password policy” applied in your active directory, you need to make sure the given passwords in your csv file are all compatible with this policy

Powershell: Adding security group membership to active directory users and computers

PowerShell script to add members to Active Directory Security Group.